There's something about the summer that makes you want to get together with friends. Instead of going out, why not host your own party? We spoke with April Luca of Gold Sky Productions and Melanie and Ellen from Celebrate the Big and Small for their advice on throwing an amazing party with just a little effort. 


DIY Mixology Party

April, who has produced events for the likes of ESPN, Paramount Pictures and WWD, recommends a DIY Mixology party as the perfect way to host a small cocktail party.

Set out craft vodka and craft gin (or any of your favorite liquor), bar utensils and locally sourced fruit, herbs and veggies. Add a menu with recipes so each guest can either follow the recipes or create their own specialty drinks.

There is, however, one recipe that April always includes:

Champagne, Rosewater & Berries

- rose water
- champagne (prosecco or sparkling wine can be substituted )
- fresh raspberries

Place 3/4 teaspoon rose water in the bottom of a champagne flute. Add a raspberry. Top with champagne of your choice.

Candy Bar

Melanie and Ellen, who throw fun whimsical parties, suggest going to the candy store and picking up old favorites like Pixi Stix, Pop Rocks, Nerds,  Snickers and Tootsie Pops instead of baking all day. 

Put out various liquors that will pair with the candies and you'll have a sweet celebration on your hands.

Food on a Stick

Instead of finger foods, try food on a stick .  It's more fun and they'll make for an eye-catching table if you serve them upright inserted into a tray or even in a glass.

Melanie and Ellen threw a county fair themed party with corn dogs, cheese curds and mac and cheese on sticks.  For a more grown-up feel, they recommend chicken satay, prosciutto with melon balls and caprese salad kebabs.

April suggests tanghulu (candied fruit skewers) "that's great to pair with champagne."


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