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Dear Jade,

I have a "friend" on facebook that is more of a rival. I see her here and there, so I can't really unfriend her. We are both in the same business and I feel that she sees me as a competitor, which is too bad. But as for as dealing with her on Facebook, what should I do? I really don't like to have my friends list include people who are toxic.



Dear Tanya:

Social media is a great concept and a great tool in our modern world. Anyone with an internet-enabled device can do practically anything and everything that does not require actual physical human contact. While there are many benefits, the negative elements of social media should not be ignored. Facebook, for instance, is one of countless internet outlets where people advertise their personal information and views for the public to see. Once this information is online, others may opine on the information supplied by you. You may not like it, but that is the new reality.

In a previous issue of Jade Magazine, a similar question was submitted by one of our readers. It takes just one toxic individual in one’s circle-of-friends to wreak havoc in other people’s lives. Problems could arise at the expense of social, political and economic losses. So long as the information about you is not slanderous or libelous, there is probably not much you can do.


Dear Tanya:

You don't say if she posts offensive comments to your account or if she has done anything nasty towards you. 

If she's made some mean comments about your or your work, then all bets are off. Why be Facebook friends with someone like that? You only see her once in a while anyway. It may be awkward if she asks you straight out why you unfriended her, but then you can just tell her you had to pare your friends list down for manageability.


Dear Tanya:

Since you really aren't friends with this person in real life, there really isn't a reason to be so invested in what happens on Facebook. However, if you are worried about sharing too much or if you would rather not see what she is posting, my daughter showed me how to hide posts. You could use this to keep her posts from showing up.

As for what you post, you could take the time to limit who sees your posts or you could just let it go knowing that you're "friend" will see what you are doing.
NOV+DEC 2015

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