Quick Fixes

With the holidays coming up fast, there's not much time to spare for random mishaps. Here are some products that will help save the day.


Thinium ReCHARGE+

Super thin and surprising light, this phone charger/battery pack is amazing. Plug it directly into the outlet to use as a charger or use it as a battery pack. Available in lightning and micro USB, so you won't have to worry about your phone battery dying while you run around getting things done.


Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus
$2 and up

Keeping this spray on hand means you'll never have to run out in wrinkled clothes because you didn't have time to iron. Spray and smooth out. The travel size is perfect to keep at your desk or toss into your carry-on.  


Peel'n Stick Fabric Fuse

A total lifesaver when you have time to hem your pants, skirt, curtain, whatever. As the name says, peel and stick and you're all set.


Eufora Conceal

For a quick and easy way to cover up your roots until you can get to the salon, use this fabulous temporary root touch-up powder. Brush it on, blend and you're good. And the coverage will last pretty much all day.


Everyone wants to get the best deal on things, but it's hard to keep track of where things are on sale much less remember to bring any coupons. Flipp takes care of that in one handy app. You can browse all the flyers you choose (even searching for sales on specific items like cereal), make your shopping lists, and download coupons to your loyalty cards.

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