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We've rounded up some cool products that we think you should try.


T'zikal Shine Rich Dry Oil Mist

This light oil will keep your hair moisturized and help fight flyaways and frizz from the winter weather. Spray on your palms and smooth through either wet or dry hair. You'll be left with soft, shiny hair.


Ancestry DNA

If you've every wondered where you came from beyond your family, AncestryDNA is an easy way to find out. Just register, send back your sample using the enclosed kit and wait for the results.  Users can "uncover unique family stories and documents, connect with distant relatives (known and unknown), build out their family tree and discover their ethnicity."


Acumobility Eclipse Roller

You've probably used a foam roller to work out tight muscles or knots, but it's sometimes hard to hit the right spot. Not with this roller. Pressure strips and compression zones are built into the roller so you'll be able to easily work out just about any stiffness in your muscles.



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