Sharing Happiness with Traditional Thai Cuisine
Chef Watcharee Limon

Growing up in Bangkok, Watcharee Limnon would watch her mother cook. Using fresh ingredients to create traditional Thai dishes, her mother's cooking left quite the impression on young Watcharee and instilled a love of cooking in her. Even after receiving a law degree and moving to the US to study, she still loved cooking.

Watcharee went on to receive a Masters in International and Environmental Law from George Washington University and then returned to Asia to work with an international development agency. As her work required her to travel all around the continent, her interest in Asian cuisines expanded. However, her favorite was still Thai.

Based in Bangkok, she took the opportunity to study with top chefs at the Oriental Professional Thai Chef Programme at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bangkok. “I was interested in learning more about the traditional methods and recipes of Thai cuisine, so I took classes,” says Watcharee.

As her culinary skills grew, she knew she wanted to share her knowledge of Thai cuisine. When her project ended, Watcharee thought it was the perfect time for a career change as she knew she'd be moving back to the US. She returned to Maine where her husband is from and started her cooking school, The Thai Culinary Arts Studio, where she offers cooking classes that blend traditional Thai recipes with modern French presentations and techniques.

While offering cooking classes to spread her knowledge of traditional Thai cuisine, she would shop and see sauces on the store shelves that contained ingredients that are not in traditional recipes, so she started developing her line of sauces.

Sourcing ingredients directly from Thailand, Watcharee created a line of ready-to-use sauces. “I wanted to create something that captures the traditional flavors using premium quality ingredients, so it’s easy to create a quick healthy meal at home,” explains Watcharee.

“One thing I learned from visiting and working throughout Asia is that food is how you bring people together to share the happiness from creating healthy meals at home,” she continues. With that approach in mind, Watcharee is bringing traditional Thai tastes to people's kitchens across the country.

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JAN+FEB 2017

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