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Body Washes Reviewed

by Natasha Kailani

Herbacin Herbal Shower Gel - Dragon Fruit+Passion Fruit

The first of the three body washes that I tried was the Dragon & Passion Fruit Herbal Shower Gel from Herbacin which claimed to be “softening, balancing, and relaxing.” The shower gel smelled citrusy and foamed very nicely. I found it to be the type of product in which a little goes a long way. In other words, I only needed to use between one or two drops. I like to use this product in the morning purely because it's so refreshing and also feels very lightweight and energizing because of the passionfruit notes.

Vitabath Orchid Intrigue

Following the Herbacin gel, I tested out Vitabath’s Orchid Intrigue, the simple packaging of which I found appealing. After reading the description, I was a little nervous thatthe fragrance would be overbearing as it claimed to blend the “seductive scent of amber velvet layered with luxurious amethyst orchid, night blooming sambac jasmine, and sugared musk.”  However,  once I tried it, I found the scent was definitely present but not at all too strong. The actual product was deep purple and foamed into a creamier, thicker gel. It felt very relaxing although I did feel as though I had to use more product to get a good foam. Despite this, I can definitely see myself repurchasing this product.

Cheeky Strut Body Wash

The final product I tested was the Cheeky Strut Body Wash which was very different from the other two products. The consistency of the gel was more similar to that of lotion than to that of a gel. Additionally, there were small beads mixed in with the products which helped the product to double as an exfoliant. In terms of scent, this product was likely the strongest of the three but was not unbearable at all. It was sweet and was described as consisting of “juicy mandarin naartjie and succulent mango” so it was pleasantly citrusy.

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