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An Interview with Hibba Kapil, founder of Hibba Beauty

You've heard it before that eyebrows frame the face but that doesn't mean we always take the time and care with them. Luckily, there is Hibba Kapil, founder of Hibba Beauty. We spoke with Hibba about her salon and her different brow-taming techniques.


Tell us a little yourself. 
I'm a self proclaimed brow-shaping queen!  But jokes apart, yes, shaping brow is the only thing I've ever done . After completing college and juggling  few side salon jobs , I knew I had to follow my calling which is : 
Hibba Beauty

How and when did you decide to open your first salon?
Working in many salons I knew that fair salon work space is rare to be found . Both in terms of honestly and transparency both for clients and employees . So I embarked on the journey of creating an environment where i knew myself and anyone who steps into hibba family will look forward to their connection with us.

What has been the most challenging aspect of starting your business? The most rewarding?
Nothing was challenging because you're so busy surviving, paying rent . Most rewarding was and still is seeing a satisfied client.

Is there a favorite childhood memory that you think shaped who you are today?
Yes, endless hours I used to spend watching an at home beauty treatment show. I was obsessed!

What advice do you wish you had before you started your business?
Make sure your heart is in it. Money will follow . I know it sounds prophetic but, really, making millions overnight was never my goal.

How do you choose between sugaring, waxing and threading? 
It really depends on client skin and preferences. 

What is microblading? 
This is the beautiful art of creating semi permanent tattoo in place of brows that mimics real hair.

Who is a good candidate for microblading?
Anyone who puts makeup on their brows every day or doesn't want to wear much make up. So anyone from [someone with] alopecia to the 90's over- tweezed child.

Having spent so many years shaping people's brows, what is one thing people always seem to do wrong when it comes to their brows?
They think they are just pulling out strays at home with tweezer but, no, almost all of them get tweezer happy 

What's the best piece of advice you can give someone in regards to shaping their brows? 
Follow the natural shape and not the beauty trends. 

Photos: Danielle Pearce
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