Ten Things I Learned at a K-Pop Beauty Event
by Ellen Hwang

Over the summer, the Korean Cultural Center NY hosted the fantastic K-Beauty Prep Like a K-Pop Star event where beauty guru, Sydney Kim, taught everyone the ins and outs of K-Beauty. From skin care to make-up application, we learned how to make our skin and make-up look like a K-Pop star.


1. Liquid make-up products easier for beginners to use to avoid looking cakey.

2. Mist your makeup sponge with toner or water to make your skin look dewy after applying your makeup.

3. Use a brush first to apply foundation and then use sponge to even it out.

4. Take time to let your moisturizer/toner/essence be absorbed by your skin.

5. Pat in your skincare products to avoid stretching the skin.

6. You can purchase empty cushion compacts to fill with sunscreen so it’s easier to reapply your sunscreen without messing up your makeup.

7. For a round face, go with an arch for your eyebrows. For a long face, go with straighter brows for a more youthful look.

8. If you find yourself without your BB cushion, you can use a bit of concealer in a pinch to freshen up your makeup.

9. For blemishes that are red, use color corrector first and then use concealer.

10. The minimum amount of steps for K-Beauty skincare is:

• For day
     o Toner
     o Essence
     o Moisturizer
     o Sunscreen

• For night
     o Add an eye cream

• Facemasks can be used every other day.






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