Q&A with Beauty Guru, Sydney Kim

Sydney Kim is one of the most popular South Korean online beauty gurus. Her tutorials and reviews have helped her earn a place on the "Best South Korean Makeup Artists & Beauty Vloggers to Follow on YouTube" list by Bustle. We caught up with her at the K-Beauty Prep Like a K-Pop Star event she was teaching at the Korean Cultural Center NY.


How did you decide to start vlogging?

I was a massive fan of YouTube, but back when I started watching, there weren’t that many Korean YouTubers. I mainly watched British  and American YouTubers and American.

Then my boyfriend, who is my fiancé now, decided to encourage me by giving me his camera. He was like "why don’t you start your own channel?" because I was a massive fan of makeup since university. I just started wearing makeup since university. So, he encouraged me to start my own channel and do my own thing because there weren’t that many Korean people who were on YouTube. He said to just try to use Korean makeup products and people will be interested in what you do.

You cover a variety of different topics on your channels. Where do you find inspiration?

I get inspired every day from other people’s videos. And there are times where certain products are quite hot in the market at the moment, so I try to use those things because it will interest people.

With so many products out there, are there some that are ultimate favorites that you always turn to?

With Korean products, there is Mascara Fixer from Etude House, which I use in every single video. I always have to have two backups because, being Asian, we know our lashes grow straight down. And I always have a bad day when my lashes don’t look good, so I have to make sure to get curled lashes and I have to make sure to always have that.

AAnd I also really like Etude House’s Any Cushion..  Basically, nothing really beats Korean brand cushion products and Etude House’s cushions are up there, so I always have to have that.

And lastly, I recently came across a product from Clio, , which is another Korean brand, and they have this super slim eyebrow pencil which is like 0.9 millimeters. I have not seen that from anywhere else, and it allows you to create fake brow hairs, so I love that as well.

That’s the thing with Korean makeup products because they aren’t too pricey and there is just so much out there, so you can play around with it.

Do you change your makeup and skincare based on the seasons?

I have to change because my skin is very, very dry. I think that my skincare in the summer time, is a lot of people’s winter skincare routines. That’s how dry my skin is, so I do add a few more steps in the colder months. During the summertime I would probably put one layer of cream, but during the winter time I would put three layers of cream to keep my skin hydrated.

And in terms of makeup, the base products, like foundations, during the summer time, I can get away with slightly less moisturizing foundations, so I could keep them on my face, but during the wintertime I would need something very, very moisturizing, so it doesn’t crack up.

Would  you suggest something like trial and error to figure out what works better?

Definitely. I recommend the best products for me but it could be the worst products for other people. I don’t try to force people to buy it, but I just say “go and try it, and if you like it, then it's good.” A lot of my viewers usually have the same skin type or tone, so they could watch my videos and probably just buy everything I use and it would hopefully work for them as well.

Where do you think the next step will be?

I just want to do what I do now and just be consistent and if you just be consistent, your growth will become consistent as well. I’m not looking for something huge in my career or anything; I just love what I do now. I think if I just keep doing what I‘m doing then I think it will be a successful career for me.


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