Gift a Little Something

Perfect items to add to stockings or gift baskets.


Scratch and Grain Baking Kits
$6 and up

These baking kits are the perfect addition to a gift basket or care package. Pre-measured packets of organic ingredients make whipping up treats quick and easy. Add a baking pan and some measuring cups for a great gift.

Literary Yarns by Cindy Wang

A fun book for the crafty literature lover! Follow the patterns to create amigurumi versions Sherlock Holmes, Elizabeth Bennett and more.

Ulta Ornament Hand Soap

A few of these fun and festive soaps in a basket would make a great hostess gift. And pick up a couple for home to dress up your own counters as well.

Sven Can See Anti-Fog Spray

Created for skiing, this spray keeps goggles and glasses from fogging up. But it's not just limited to the outdoors or the winter. It works well on your mirrors as well as in the summer when walking out of an a/c building means not being able to see out of your glasses.

My Tagalongs Goddess Earbud Case

Keep your earbuds in check with this pretty little neoprene case. There’s also a mesh pocket inside to hold adapters as well.  

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