Snack Break

As much as we try not to, we're going to snack at some point in the day. Here are some options that will make won't make you feel guilty about it.  

gimMe Health Organic Seaweed Thins

These crispy seaweed thins come in three tasty flavors that are sure to satisfy any snack craving. They also have 6 grams of protein and fiber and only 100 calories in each serving.

Crunchies Freeze Dried Fruit

Fresh fruit is the way to go but it isn’t always practical so keep these freeze dried versions handy for a quick nutritious and tasty snack.

Stabilyze Nutrition Bars

These gluten-free bars are a tasty way to stave off hunger pains and they contain 21 vitamins and minerals as well as 8 grams of protein.

Pacific Resources International Manuka Honey Mint Chocolates Cushion

Manuka honey and dark chocolate have been in the news for their health benefits, so why not combine them for a tasty treat? These chocolates have no added sugar and are made with 90% cocoa so they’re perfect for extreme dark chocolate lovers.

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Mar+Apr 2018

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