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JADE Magazine's mission is to strive "to be the voice of English-speaking Asian women around the world." With that said, we feel that in order to do so, we need to be in touch with the community and to give back to it as well.

We do our best to increase the sense of sisterhood and solidarity through the donations to and the sponsorship of various events. The next generation of Asian American women are important to us because they are the future of Asian Americans. Although, we can't always give financial funding due to a very limited budget, we try to contribute in other ways.

Below are some of the events that we have been involved with in the past.

New York University, ACE Fashion Show
The 19th annual Asian Cultural Expressions (ACE) Fashion Show is a charity event is composed of a cultural showcase, fashion show, and dance finale. The event opens with a presentation of various cultures through art, dance, music, and film. Next, a fashion show highlights some of the current trends of well-known designers. The runway show is a chance for students to display their interest in fashion through design, modeling, choreography, or production. Each year, portions of the proceeds from ticket sales and raffle drawing are donated to a local charity in the New York City area.

University Michagan APA Diag Day
During the month of March, the University of Michigan celebrates APA Heritage month. As part of the month long celebration of heritage and awareness, we have something called APA Diag Day. APA Diag Day is when all the APA student organizations have booths on the "Diag (a big common area on campus)" with a theme related to APAs. alpha Kappa Delta Phi has decided to have a booth on prominent APA women.

New York University, EXPO 2002
EXPO 2002 is an exhibition of beauty, highlighting the talented stylings of both aspiring and established fashion designers, student models and Asian-cultural performers. Organized by an experienced group of student producers, directors, and choreographers, EXPO 2002 shows great promise.

As a tribute to Asian Heritage Month in April 2002, EXPO combines the dedication of NYU's diverse student body with the support and contributions of successful businesses and individuals within our community.

EXPO 2002 will also continue its tradition of reaching out to the community. This year we will provide a portion of show proceeds to AAFNY (Asian American Federation of New York) a charitable cause working to improve the quality of life for the Asian community and provide relief to all victims of the World Trade Center attacks.

University of California, San Diego alpha Kappa Delta Phi
alpha Kappa Delta Phi is the largest nationwide Asian American Interest sorority, which emphasizes sisterhood, scholarship, service, and Asian-American awareness in the University and community. During Rush week, interested individuals learn about the sorority, and decide whether or not our sisterhood is something they are looking for. Here at aKDPhi's Gamma Chapter, we rush twice a year, Fall and Winter.

This past Fall and Winter we had the great luck of having over 100 women go through the RUSH process. For more information about our sorority and chapter you can visit us at

Cammy Lee Leukemia Foundation, Inc.
In 1993, CLLF became an official recruitment group of the National Marrow Donor Program and has registered thousands of potential volunteer donors to the NMDP registry since its inception. But the need is still great. Of the almost 4 million volunteer donors registered in the NMDP registry, only 7% are Asian/Pacific Islander.

Ohio State University, Omega Tau Zeta
The primary purpose of Omega Tau Zeta is to promote sisterhood, eternal friendships, scholarship, humanitarianism, and Asian-American awareness in the University and in the community. Our Sorority encourages women to become future leaders and set high standards for herself. As a minority race as well as a minority gender, we feel that we can create strength by uniting our lives and working to better the society around us. We want our community to be enlightened to diversity, and we want our community to understand that the injustice, and even the indifference, placed upon women and Asian-Americans should be seriously considered and remedied.

Omega Tau Zeta--A New Sisterhood and Their Work to Help Fight Ovarian Cancer

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