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Corporate donation are welcome and greately appreciated on JADE By donating to JADE Magazine, we will give you space on our site to advertsie your company/brand.product. JADE Magazine provides your brand with the opportunity to reach the rapidly growing market segment that is comprised of highly educated, professional women in their 20s and 30s who have a significant amount of spending power. We currently have an average of 10,000 unique visitors per week and that number is growing by the minute. Our readership per issue is over 80,000.

JADE Magazine provides a variety of ways for you to expand your presence on the Internet. We launch each issue the first of the publication month. In addition, we are now compatible with wireless PDAs. Thus, your ads (and the corresponding links) will be seen in a whole new medium.

Please be aware we do not accept any donation that would be in direct conflict with our mission. This includes anything that is pornographic or racially/ethnically offensive. With this in mind, we will review your application before we can accept your request. If you have any questions, please contact Connie Leung at

Ad Specifications

Dimensions and Placements

LARGE BANNER: width = 150 pixels, height = 500 pixels
Located on the right navigation bar, our large ad is static and is visible without scrolling. View ad sample
Amount sugguested: Above $200.

SMALL BANNER: width = 150 pixels, height = 200 pixels
Our small ad is placed at a designated location/page. All small banner ads are placed at the bottom of designated location/page and are visible only by scrolling. View ad sample
Amount Suggested: From $75 and up.

Classified posting: JADE Board or Help Wanted
Job posting (text only) on Help Wanted
Job posting with graphic/image on Help Wanted
Message (text only) on JADE Board

File Size: Prefer below 10KB (as loaded by browser)
Alt text: Provide text for non-graphics browsing
Animations: OK
Submission Deadline: Ad banner must be in one week prior to our launch date.
Payment: Net 10 days. Special circumstances will be considered.
Frequency: Bi-Monthly
Delivery: We can either grab your ad banner from your Web server (please provide us with the direct URL to the banner file) or you may send it to us as an attachment.


Our Advertising Rate (8 weeks)
Please contact Audrey Panichakoon Crone at for current rates and special deals.

Online schedule for 2006
Launch Date Ad Lockdown
Jan/Feb 2006, Jan 1st Dec. 15th
Mar/Apr 2006, Mar. 1st February 15th
May/June 2006, May 1st April 20th
July/August 2006, July 1st June 25th
September/October 2006, Sept. 1st August 25th
Nov./Dec. 2006, November 1st Oct 25th

Withdrawal Policy
Withdrawal of a submitted banner prior to release will result in a refund on the following basis:

5-7 days before release: 75%
3-4 days before release: 50%
2 days before release: 20%
1 day before release: 5%

Removal of a banner in an issue that has been released is possible, however, no refund will be issued.

Renewal Policy
You will be contacted one week prior to the release of the subsequent issue in regards to continuing your banner.

Payment Plan
Once your ad request has been approved, please make a check payable to JADE Magazine Inc. and send it to:

JADE Magazine Inc.
Village Station, Box 915
New York, NY 10014

To Request an Ad Space
Send Connie Leung the following information via e-mail

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