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JADE Magazine strives to be the voice of English-speaking Asian women around the world by creating a forum to shatter the myths that exist about us, as well as providing a needed medium for the open discussion of our views, ideas and concerns. We highlight and showcase the talents and successes of Asian and Asian American women in all arenas. JADE Magazine is a celebration of our unique experiences; it will empower our identity and style.

We know that our readers are smart, opinionated, strong, independent and ambitious women who want more than just fluff.

The Magazine

We chose to name our magazine JADE because of its traditional association with the five cardinal virtues: charity, modesty, courage, justice, and wisdom, as well as the power of healing. Additionally, jade has been found all around the world --- Mexico, New Zealand, Egypt, and of course throughout Asia. We felt that since all of these connotations are attached to jade and that it evokes such a positive image, it would be the perfect name for our magazine --- a magazine for intelligent, cultured, beautiful Asian women around the world.

JADE Magazine endeavors to be THE reference for professional Asian and Asian American women in their 20's and 30's. Our content includes vital and pertinent information that is of importance and interest to Asian and Asian American women. The magazine touches on the topics that affect us all --- career, fitness, family, legal issues, personal finance, relationships, beauty, fashion and health. Our fashion/beauty department provides readers with answers to their questions; provide helpful tips; and report on and introduce new trends to the ever fashion-conscious Asian woman. Our lifestyle department discusses, challenges, advises, strengthens, and applauds our identity as Asian women.

Behind the Magazine

Two motivated and ambitious professional women from opposite ends of the career spectrum came together to create a magazine for fellow Asian American women. Ellen Hwang, with a law degree, and Audrey Panichakoon Crone, with a Master's degree in communications designs, pulled together their resources and dove right into the publishing field. Founded in 1998, JADE Magazine was created to fill what is a major deficiency in mainstream publications today.

Originally, they wanted a print version for the first issue, but they needed to be more cost-effective, since their budget was very limited. Time and the risk factor involved were both issues for them as, at the time, they both held day jobs in careers that would not allow for any large gaps in their resumes. Thus, they only worked on JADE Magazine after work during the week as well as weekends and holidays. The idea for the less traditional on-line version came about from their friend Wolfgang von Stuermer. Audrey and Ellen have taken the on-line idea and expanded it to apply to the entire operation.

JADE Magazine is currently operated out of a virtual office. With this, much of the overhead expenses are eliminated and it also provides a very flexible working schedule for JADE staffers. Audrey and Ellen try to use technology to its fullest capacity when it comes to operating the magazine.

Day to day business transactions, which include communications with contributing writers, research, conducting ad sales, and other activities are all conducted via the Internet and e-mail. Not only has this allowed them to expand the magazine's reach, but it also allows them to contact a larger group of potential contributors. Because they are a start-up, JADE Magazine only has three regular part-time staff writers. As that is the case, the magazine relies heavily on contributing writers as well as other women who generously donate their free time to help make JADE Magazine a reality.

By using e-mail, they contact writers from all over the country to gain a fuller picture of Asian women. JADE Magazine's virtual office allows it to be more than just a New York-based magazine, it allows to be a national and international one as well.


It started at an Asian American organization meeting in New York City when Audrey Panichakoon Crone met Ellen Hwang and the topic turned to the consistent lack of anything geared directly towards Asian and Asian American women. They noted that, while on occasion there may have been an article or photograph in a magazine, there was nothing of great substance. Even the Asian magazines that do exist did not provide anything specifically directed towards educated, career oriented women. They mulled over the idea of taking matters into their own hands and creating a magazine for Asian women by Asian women.

While they both were excited about the idea, it sat on the shelf for a few months until it finally got rolling with an e-mail in December of 1998.

After having bounced the idea around between themselves, they took the first step by creating a survey to gauge the interest among Asian and Asian American women. Over 1,000 English-speaking Asian women took their on-line survey. The feedback was quite positive.

The survey also served a purpose by helping to determine JADE Magazine's content. Ellen and Audrey wanted a magazine that not only said something to their readers, but one where the readers could also say something back. Since JADE Magazine strives to be the voice of Asian American women, Audrey and Ellen realized that it must not only listen to what they say, but answer them. They understand that the key to creating a successful magazine in today's market is not so much about pleasing their advertisers, but to please their readers.

After twelve issues, JADE Magazine has grown from a fledgling venture to an established presence on the Web, receiving over 10,000 unique visitors every month. They have accomplished this by sticking to the basics -- providing readers with the content that they desire in a style that reinterprets the glossy print format.

What they say

The following are a few quotes directly from that survey:

"I think there is an under-representation of Asian American women in popular women's magazines and the media in general. A magazine specifically targeting issues important to us would be great. I would buy it and encourage my other Asian American women friends to support this endeavor as well."

"I've been looking for a magazine that addresses Asian beauty, Asian fashion, Asian American activism, politics and finance, etc."

"I would be interested to see what sorts of other experiences other Asian American women are having. It might also help me to get in touch with other Asian American women like me and that would be one of the most valuable benefits."

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